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​A Bible Study Brings Hope, Even to D.C.


A Bible Study Brings Hope, Even to D.C.

If you are like many people in the U.S., you haven’t been able to help noticing that things in Washington D.C. have been clogged up for years. A lot of good that needs to be done isn’t happening, and there is a reverse trend away from Biblical views. Where there is the Word of God there is hope, and the Word is currently in the White House like it hasn’t been for a century. This is the first time for 100 years there has been a Bible study in the White House. According to the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), President Trump’s Cabinet is the most evangelical in our nation’s history. What we can all hope for is the same for ourselves and our own responses to Bible study. When we allow the Word to change us more and more into the image of His Son, only good can come from it.

Mistakes to Avoid in Bible Study

Attending a Bible study won’t automatically transform us into better people. We have to cooperate with God by paying attention to what he is telling us through his Word. Fifty people could go to the same Bible study and get something completely different out of it because God speaks to us all uniquely. We are at different places in our lives spiritually and otherwise. Bible study is truly exciting, but we should avoid these mistakes, to get the most out of it:

  • Being distracted instead of God-focused. With a job as important as running the country in various capacities, that’s got to be a challenge. But it can be tough for all of us. Focus is essential.
  • Being too legalistic about a certain version of the Bible can actually slow our growth. Some people are passionate that the King James version is the only one that can be trusted. But God is powerful enough to convey His truths to us through all of the translations that have become main stream. Even judging someone else for their Bible’s version of translation can be a misstep, since we are to leave judgment to God.
  • Failing to understand the Word according to context can be a huge error. It’s crucial that Christians handle the Word of Truth accurately.

Get this T-shirt

Another reason for us to rejoice, besides Bible study in the White House, is that we have nothing to fear as far as what happens in our country, for God is with us. Get this Fear No Evil T-shirt; and don’t forget to enjoy some Bible study regularly, like the guys in the White House. In this, they are great examples. 

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