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Statistically, 1 in 3 of you that read this will have grown up without a father in your life or at least with one that remained unavailable to you. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, an estimated 24.7 million children (33%) live absent of their biological father.

In an attempt to motivate men in their communities to remain in their children’s lives and let them know what a difference they can make, the Christian community often shares with them many more statistics about how growing up without a father can affect their children’s lives. They talk about how growing up without your father involved can cause all kinds of damage. 

There's an inherent problem with this though.

They don’t understand that these men don’t need to be told of the statistics. They are the statistics. They’ve been through it. They lived it. They know the damage a “bad” dad or no dad can do.

Somehow, these men survived childhood and now they face a new challenge. They are the fathers. They wonder if they can ever be great fathers because they never saw one.

They’ve seen images on movies, maybe knew one neighbor kid who had a decent father. Yet, they themselves never experienced the difference people say a father can make in a child.

The Christian community also portrays an image of the perfect family to achieve; one with fathers and their children in harmony. Although these men would like to embrace that image, it feels foreign to them. 

They feel shortchanged. Like they missed their chance to be shown what being a part of that family feels like. In many ways, they still feel like that little child from that broken home.

If, like me, this is your story, and you grew up without a positive father figure. Maybe our dads tried but were broken themselves, maybe they weren’t even there. The truth is that it doesn’t even matter. What matters now is it’s our turn. We are the parents now.

These men that I speak of, I have studied them extensively. These dads came from broken homes. They grew up with fathers who were absent, emotionally or physically. Some even grew up with abusive dads.

I discovered one amazing truth. Some of these same men are the greatest fathers I know of.

How is that possible? Statistically, each one should be a mess and yet they are what God is talking about when He speaks of ‘A good man who leaves an inheritance to his children's children’ ~ Proverbs 13:22

I have found that these men all have one thing in common:

Not having a father in their lives empowered them to make God their Father. Solely and completely.

Not having a father in their lives didn’t ruin them as the statistics might suggest it can. It did quite the opposite. You see, these men understood that statistics got one thing right:

Everyone needs a Father.

They understand that they don’t know anything about being a good father to their children but God does. So they let Him lead the way. One step at a time, one day at a time, and little-by-little they are changing the world.

The Bible says that ‘Though father and mother forsake you, the Lord will take you up.’ ~Psalm 27:10

Yes, you can raise a godly family without having had a “good” dad. I know because I have witnessed it. Maybe, like me, you have, too. These men are our brothers, our brother-in-laws, our husbands, and our sons. These men are some of the greatest fathers that the world has today.

Fathers who take on the epitome of what Christianity is: to be completely dependent on God knowing that you know nothing but He knows everything.

God doesn’t need men who are able. He needs men who are available

You will know these men when you see them because they are the ones that care. That’s all. They just care. They are there and they are trying. They want to change the lives of their children and as a result, they are changing the world.

Statistics may say that these men shouldn’t be able to do what they are doing.

...But God says they can.

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