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A Simple Ladybug: Messenger of God Himself

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A Simple Ladybug: Messenger of God Himself

I remember when I first realized how words could change our lives. I was standing in my kitchen complaining to God about my life. Some might be tempted to call it praying and, yes, praying is just talking to God, but I recognized it for what it was. I was trying to convince God that my life needed to be changed and that He was the one who needed to change it. I was going through a rough place in my life and I was having trouble understanding what was happening.

My complaining did finally turn into prayer. I asked God to change my life and I accepted that He might or might not. I felt drawn to the window and I went to look outside expecting the beauty of nature to calm me as it often did. Instead, I saw a ladybug crawling on the window pane. I couldn’t see the beauty of the outdoors at all because the ladybug kept distracting me and when I leaned one way, the ladybug walked that way, too. I became frustrated and left, feeling as though God hadn’t even heard me.

As I was thinking about the annoying ladybug, I remembered that my sister had said something about ladybugs earlier that week. She said she had watched the movie Under the Tuscan Sun that told a story of ladybugs. It said you never could find one until you stopped looking for them and then, they just appeared. I immediately knew what God was trying to tell me.

Stop trying to take care of things. I got this.”


God speaks to everyone. Sometimes, it’s through sermons and sometimes it’s through friends. This time it was through an encounter with a ladybug. When God is speaking directly to you, you just know it.

Now, I had two choices. The first one made me think this: What if that’s not true? What if you don’t take care of things? I’d rather take care of them myself.

The second choice simply said: Believe.

I heard this word deep in my spirit. “Believe what? Believe who?” I asked.

Then I knew. I had heard the word “believe” tossed around in the religious community but I had never really thought about it.

To believe was simply to accept what God said as truth. I knew what God was speaking to me so I had to decide to believe it or not.

I gathered all of the courage I could find inside of me and I stepped out in faith and I chose to simply believe; believe what God said.

Every time that I would find myself worrying or trying to figure things out on my own, I would remind myself of that one word: Believe.

Gradually, my life began to turn around. Believe became my motto; and so did ladybugs. I had ladybugs and Believe signs all over my house.


That was twelve years ago and now I love my life. Believe is still my favorite word. I remind myself daily to simply believe what God is saying to me.

Words, simple little words, have such power. They can change a destiny. God used this tiny word to change my life just like I asked Him to all those years ago. Now, I use words carefully. I hang pictures and signs in my house with very purposeful words on them. They remind me who I am and what God says about my life.

I have also discovered that these words, the ones that speak to me, end up speaking to others, as well. Many times, I have heard visitors remark about the words hanging in my home. I have seen their reaction to the words on my t-shirt as they inquire about it.


God speaks to me in little words and phrases. If you listen, He might speak to you that way, too. Maybe He is saying Hope, or You are Forgiven, or Be Strong . You will find that as you encourage and remind yourself of what God is saying to you, you will encourage others.

One of my favorite verses is 2 Corinthians 11:3 which reminds us that there is a simplicity that is in Christ and our minds are constantly being subtly challenged to stray from that simplicity. Simple words and phrases strengthen me when things feel complicated. They bring me back to reality and truth quickly.

How about you? What is God speaking to you?

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