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​After a Catastrophic Event, Be the Love

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After a Catastrophic Event, Be the Love

In some very large corners of society, Christianity is not only frowned upon, it is suppressed. Individuals in all sorts of jobs have been told they should lose their positions because they hold Christian views contrary to new laws that impose upon Bible-based beliefs. Standing up for Christianity has perhaps never been more important. The best thing that could happen would be for the heart of God to be demonstrated through born-again believers. To possibly turn the tide of public opinion, we should be acting more like Jesus. With effects of the catastrophe called Hurricane Harvey still wreaking havoc in Texas and beyond after making landfall more than two weeks ago and now with the terrifying arrival of Hurricane Irma in Florida, disaster response is our opportunity to demonstrate the love of the heavenly Father. This, after all, what Christianity is all about .

How to Help Flood Victims

The homes of countless thousands of people in Texas went underwater in unimaginable flooding across the Lone Star State. Considering all the millions affected, the number of lives lost was remarkably small. Other than the casualties typically lost in war, these communities may as well have been bombed, for the losses individuals have suffered. Families lost everything, and their homes are having to be stripped sometimes all the way down to the studs. With the love of God in our hearts and sleeves rolled up, this is a wonderful time to express the true heart of Christianity. Get out there and pitch in to help. Don’t bother people with platitudes or questions about what you can do. Bring hot meals, show up and put in as many hours as possible helping to clean up the devastation, babysit your friends’ kids, and/or bring helpful supplies.

What not to do

There are things being said every day that shouldn’t be said, and it’s because they can actually make a terrible situation much worse. Whoever said the following old saying was dead wrong: “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.” The reality is that words count a lot. They are powerful. In fact, God created the heavens and earth and all within them with the spoken word. Here are some things that should not be said to victims of flooding:

  • At least you have your life. You only lost replaceable things. (When you’ve lost all your stuff, it’s devastating.)
  • It could have been worse. (A person going through their worst or one of their worst life experiences isn’t comforted by these words.)
  • You should have …(fill in with advice that is no help now).
  • Let me know what I can do to help. (Instead, just do something without asking.)

Now get to work

As any seasoned Christian knows, the best thing you can do is pray believing prayers on behalf of people in need. To make a great impact that could potentially change hearts about the faith, get busy helping people in any of the millions of practical ways help could be extended right now in much of the southeastern U.S. While you’re helping, wear this Faith Hope Jesus T-shirt.

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