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​Believers, With You, the Force Is!

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The Force in Star Wars has nothing on what has been deposited inside Christians. Get your Awaken The Force Within Hoodie to show the world that you have a sense of humor and the force is with you! Jesus is the example of what we have inside, and everyone tends to agree that Jesus was an irresistible force when he walked the earth. The stories people hear about Jesus always impress, though church or Christianity itself might not. When we let the Jesus in us shine through, the force is awakened!

Call it The Force, Miracles, or Whatever

Is there really a force inside Christians, or is that a stretch of the imagination? Well, Jesus himself said that believers can do not only the works that he did, but also greater works! Jesus is famous for being a miracle-worker, and that power is part of the force inside of us.

Jesus definitely had power that would come out of him, like an inner force that someone could plug into and draw from. This one lady, for example, touched just the hem of his garment, and a terrible illness she had suffered for at least 12 years immediately went away, healing her completely. Jesus stops and tells the crowd he felt power going out from him. How cool is that?

Did The Force in Star Wars ever change the weather? Don’t think so! And yet Jesus demonstrated the force within him by telling a crazy storm to be still - and it listened! A deadly tempest seemed to be threatening their very lives as Jesus napped. His disciples woke him up and got a rebuke for their lack of faith. Then Jesus just said, “Be still” and the water went so calm it was like a vast mirror.

Power to be nice

We need to have special forces inside to do the things Christians are called to do in the Bible. Love our enemies, for instance. Forgiveness can be a tough nut to crack, but we are called to absolutely forgive everyone, since God has forgiven us so much through His beloved Son. The whole world is going in one direction, and God empowers us to go the other way. That takes a powerful force. Anything God tells us to do, we can do. It’s all because of the force within, which is also known as the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Get the hoodie

Wearing an Awaken the Force Within Hoodie is great because it’s funny, but also because believers really do have empowerment. That is awesome, and reminders that the real force is with us are always good.

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