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​Do your actions speak louder than your t-shirt?

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

A Personal Recounting

My mom loves to tell the story of her early encounters with a certain young man. It was during a time when we were all attending dance lessons that she first made his acquaintance. My mom was always looking for wholesome activities that we could enjoy together and encouraged all of us to participate in dance lessons. We loved it.

We soon became friends with the owner of the club and his wife who was always telling my mom about her grandson, Travis. Although his grandma thought the world of this young man, he was going through a rough time and she worried about him. She wanted him to get interested in a positive and wholesome hobby. Travis’ sister came to dances with their grandparents and wanted Travis to go also. Together they convinced him to tag along to dance lessons. That is where my mom first met him.

Already having heard much about his life, she watched him those first few lessons. He seemed very friendly, open, and genuine and his reputation did not match his aura. After a few lessons, something caught my mom’s eye. This rather outspoken guy showed up that night in a Christian t-shirt clearly announcing his devotion as one of God’s own children.

My mom was conflicted by this move and decided to investigate further. When the opportunity arose, she looked him straight in the face, motioned to his t-shirt and said, “Is that true?”

“Is what true?” he responded.

“Is your t-shirt true? Are you a Christian?”she asked again.

His quick reply was, “Well, it better be. Both my dad and my grandpa are preachers.”

This was the wrong answer and I knew it. My mom believes we are all responsible for our own relationship with God and that we can’t ride in on someone else’s shirttails.

“That doesn’t make you a Christian,” she truthfully acknowledged.

That did it. You could see from the look on his face that no one had ever called him out on that answer before. That one statement changed all of our journeys.

Not long after gaining my mom’s trust, she received a call from him asking if he could come by for a visit. Again, he had lofty claims. You see, he had taken an interest in my sister and, in his own words, he ‘ was known as quite the catch’ .

My mom once again truthfully put him in his place. “My daughter is the one who is the catch and you’ll be lucky if you are ever able to catch her,” she said. “But you might start by getting rid of your Birthday-Boy syndrome.”

This is the term my mom uses when people are full of themselves and want to be the center of attention.

Immediately realizing that my sister truly was the precious treasure that my mom alleged and that he would do anything to win her heart, he stepped down from his pedestal and into his true destiny.

He did, eventually, win the heart of his princess and today, they are happily married.

But this happy ending might never have happened had it not been for a bold declaration of discipleship and a simple challenge to prove it.

My mom’s keen observation about the lack of alignment of his life and his t-shirt’s proclamation gave him something to live up to. It made him think about whom he really wanted to be and gave him a purpose for the first time in a long time. It helped him rise higher into his true calling and also showed my mom who he really was so that she would be ready when he came wanting to pursue her daughter. His calling eventually led him to preach the gospel and his life is a shining example to many. He is also one of my mom’s best friends.

Does your life reflect what your t-shirt says? If questioned, could you justify to the questioner why you wear it proudly, or better yet, why you wear it humbly? Don’t wear your t-shirt because you want to say something to the world, wear it because you are something to the world.

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