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How Dane Miller Helped Me with My Christianity

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How Christianity Can Be Simple Yet So Hard

Every once in a while, we are blessed enough to witness someone living life as their true self, exactly as God created them to be. It is a wonder to behold and I am always awed to silence when I witness it.

There is a viral video going around that you may have seen. It is a video of a boy with Down’s Syndrome singing the Whitney Houston song " I Have Nothing" . This boy sings with passion and conviction and real emotion. His name is Dane.

Dane knows something that most of us don’t. He knows how to live his life as he was created to be. He is simply himself. He sings with his heart and soul because that is how he lives his life. He understands this simple truth.


Last year, I came across another viral video of a little girl named Sophia Sanchez. In the video, Sophia’s mom asked her some simple questions.

“Are you kind?

“Yes, I am kind,” Sophia replied.

“Are you patient?”

“Yes, I am patient,” Sophia replied again.

“Do you have Down’s Syndrome?”

“Yes, I have Down’s Syndrome.”

Sophia knew what these questions meant. She understood them perfectly. She answered with conviction and passion and purposefully chose how she lived her life.


These two have a gift. Dane understands passion. He lives from his soul. Sophia understands kindness. They know a truth: that life is good despite it being challenging. They embrace their lives simply without complication.

Christianity is simple. Love is simple. Grace is simple.

It is undeserved and can’t be earned. Plain and simple. It doesn’t need to be understood, just received. Simple truths are what set Christianity apart from other religions.


Many people would like us to think that Christianity is complicated. That it takes great intellect and degrees to understand and therefore, we might as well sit back and let them explain. But God created each of us to be able to receive these truths ourselves. We don’t need anyone to explain them to us because they are not complicated.

God wants us to be ourselves and live the life that He uniquely chose for us with passion and conviction and love.

Many want to complicate it to make themselves feel more worthy. But the truth is that there is nothing harder than the giving of true love. That is the most commendable of acts.


So as simple as life may be, it is not easy. Life is hard. Loving is hard to do. You have to be purposeful and mindful. It’s simple to forgive but it’s really hard. It’s simple to be kind and compassionate but it’s really hard when you think that the person doesn’t deserve it.

As a Christian, it is not the understanding that is hard, it is the doing. It is the choosing. These simple truths must just be accepted. It’s not complicated or complex. This is not where the real work is; in the understanding. The real work, the hard part, is in the choosing and the doing. That is how we must get up each and every day and purposefully do.

Meet a need when you see one. Forgive when you have the opportunity. Ask God where you need to grow to help improve a relationship instead of focusing on what the other is doing wrong. Encourage someone to achieve their dreams. In these truths lies the hard work and the ultimate reward.

The thing that amazed me about Dane and Sophia is that they are children; children who know. There are highly educated and respected leaders who know nothing of these basic truths. Yet these children are masters of them.


The Bible speaks of the simplicity of Christianity.

Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these . ~ Mark 12:30-31

Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God. ~Micah 6:8

Do these sound complicated to you? We need to meditate on these things to get them into our hearts, not to understand them. My four-year-old understands these truths.

Do they sound easy? Absolutely not.


We waste so much time on thinking that we need to understand Biblical truths when the reality is that we need to spend that time on continually choosing to do them. I think sometimes we prefer analyzing things over doing them. It makes us feel productive when we are actually wasting our time.

Wouldn’t it be freeing today to just BE yourself like Dane and Sophia are? Choose to live today focused on living with passion and heart. Be kind and be patient and just be you

It really is that simple.

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