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No Need to Fear Even Hurricane Harvey, Thanks to Jesus


No Need to Fear Even Hurricane Harvey, Thanks to Jesus

I am in Houston, Texas, right now, with Hurricane Harvey still bringing relentless rain on our metropolis and a large chunk of the state. It appears that almost the entire sprawling city is under water, driving seemingly millions from their flooded homes. For now, there seems to be no looming threat of flooding on our street. Before the next four days of rain are over, however, there is every reason to believe I may be another person in need of shelter. Our family group includes two babies and two young elementary school kids. With true terror looming in a storm that has killed 8 people so far, Jesus is the only reason I am calm, peaceful, and unafraid.

God knew we would experience spine-chilling situations. It’s so important to Him that we don’t give in to fear that he tells us 365 times in the BIble not to be scared - once for every single day of the year! That is no more a coincidence than me being peaceful under the dark gray skies of Hurricane Harvey.

What Jesus Did

During our endless hours of watching the news and the turtle-like movements of the hurricane, several times I’ve thought about Jesus and what He did one time when He was right in the midst of a raging storm. There Jesus was, sleeping while the boat was practically breaking apart during a savage weather event. His terrified disciples woke him up, informing him that they were going to drown. His response in the gospels was, basically, to ask where their faith was. God’s expectation of us, as we grow in the Word and in our relationship with Him, is that we will have enough faith not to fear, which he expected of the disciples in that boat with him.

Jesus did then what He does for us now. He spoke to the storm and the wind and water went perfectly still. Although the physical disappearance of the storm hasn’t happened here in Texas or Louisiana, the calm can exist in us, which I’ve already attested to.

He Prepared Me

If I had been in this same situation at an earlier time of my life, I doubt that I would have experienced the same level of faith as I faced such potential terror. I’ve been growing in my faith for close to four decades, and it prepared me for this moment. During the ongoing history-making rains of Hurricane Harvey would be a perfect time to wear a Fear No Evil (for You are with me) T-Shirt. Wish I had one. But if I ordered it now, the delivery trucks couldn’t get to me. (lol)

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